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The mission of the Minnesota Pilots Association (MNPA) is to promote and protect aviation in our State through advocacy, education, outreach and social activities.  Our association firmly believes that a healthy aviation community is an invaluable asset to the State of Minnesota.  MNPA membership and volunteers join to act as the voice of pilots, aviation enthusiasts and supporters of aviation in Minnesota.

President's Briefing

Hip, Hip, Hoooray! After persistently pursuing support of Congressman Erik Paulsen for H.R. 3708, i just received an email from his office notifying me that he has signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill! We now have 5 of 8 of our Representatives as co-sponsors, but still 0 out of 2 Senators, of the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act. Please take another moment to contact your Representative, if they haven’t already signed on, and your Senators to let them know you wish for their support! I thank Congressman Paulsen’s staff for getting our message to him.

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Flight Expo’s “Build A Plane” Campaign

Sharon Sandberg, with Flight Expo, Inc., asks that we reach out to those who might be willing to contribute to their “Build a Plane” campaign.  Please take a moment to visit their website at and see how you can do just that!

build a plane campaign

3rd Class Medical Reform May Come in January 2015!

Dan Carroll, one of our Board Members, sent this to me and asked me to post it.  This would be terrific news, folks.

I can tell you that the MN Pilots Association has been active in getting some action from the FAA, and in Congress.  We appreciate your support, and certainly hope that changes in the 3rd Class medical certificate are soon to come!  Randy Corfman, President, Minnesota Pilots Association

Aviation Fuel Tax Revenues to Go Directly to Aviation

MN Pilots Association Board Member Gregg Strathy has been working with the Minnesota Council of Airports (MCOA), and has provided the following communication from the FAA.  Please take a look and email us at with any comments or questions.

Dear State Aviation Officials,

Today, the FAA issued its final policy on aviation fuel tax revenue (See Attached).  The policy states that proceeds from state or local taxes on aviation fuel must be used for airport-related purposes or for state aviation programs. This policy excludes taxes in effect before December 30, 1987.  The FAA will give state and local governments a transition period of three years to amend any state laws and local ordinances to comply with federal law.  State and local governments need to prepare and share an action plan with the FAA within one year that outlines how they will ensure that any funds collected from aviation fuel taxes will be used for airport needs. 

 The final policy is on display today at the Federal Register at, and a copy is attached for reference.

 Kim J. Stevens

Director of Communications & Member Relations


Reagan National Airport

Hangar 7, Suite 218

Washington, DC 20001

Direct: 703-417-1884  
Fax: 703-417-1885

Tanis Aircraft Sponsors Free Webinar “Cold Weather Flying – Safety for Piston, Turbine and Rotorcraft”

Tanis Aircraft Products has been a proud sponsor of the MN Pilots Association, and we are pleased to point out that they are introducing a free “Cold Weather Flying – Safety for Piston, Turbine and Rotorcraft” Webinar. For those of you who have not participated in such an event it is extremely easy to do so, in the comfort of your own home.

Doug Evink, President and CEO, is kind enough to provide the following link which permits you to register for the event, which is to be broadcast live on Wednesday, October 15, at 10:00 a.m. CDT.

Please reserve your “seat” now by registering at, or visit for more information. Seats are limited.