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The mission of the Minnesota Pilots Association (MNPA) is to promote and protect aviation in our State through advocacy, education, outreach and social activities.  Our association firmly believes that a healthy aviation community is an invaluable asset to the State of Minnesota.  MNPA membership and volunteers join to act as the voice of pilots, aviation enthusiasts and supporters of aviation in Minnesota.

President's Briefing

Recently the AOPA asked the Minnesota Pilots Association for another round of letter writing to the two MN Senators, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, to urge them to support the legislation which would significantly reform the third class medical certification process. To date our Senators have not supported legislation which we feel has only positive impacts on aviation in Minnesota, especially on those of us who are pilots. In the following links they report on the contribution that I made on behalf of the Minnesota Pilots Association.

The link to the print article:

The link to the video, in which I provided an interview, is:{49B1F460-7C88-4FEA-941F-5950DB848033}

Please take a few minutes to read the article and watch the video.

I am posting this to let you know that the MN Pilots Association continues to work to support pilots in MN. For those of you who are members, thank you! For those of you who are not yet members, please take a moment to join the Minnesota Pilots Association. There is strength in numbers, and we need your support!

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Ed Erickson to Be Inducted Into the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame

We are absolutely delighted to have learned that the late Ed Erickson has been officially voted to be one of the 2016 Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Inductees! How fitting that Ed be the very first nominee from the Minnesota Pilots Association for induction into this prestigious institution. The award ceremony will be on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Honestly, we cannot think of a person who is more deserving than Ed, who went West last year. Our congratulations to go his family and to his wife, Barbara Mack.Ed Flying - Great Smile copy

MN Seaplane Pilots Association Annual Safety Seminar, May 16-17

The MN Seaplane Pilots Associations annual Safety Seminar is coming soon! Please make plans to attend this terrific meeting on Friday and Saturday, May 16-17, at Madden’s Resort. For details, check out the MN Seaplane Association website at While you are at it please consider joining our sister (or brother) organization as yet another way to support aviation in Minnesota!

Flying In to the GMAG? Check Out Tips for Flying In to KANE

At the risk of rattling the weatherman’s cage, it looks like the weather will be gorgeous Friday and Saturday…Great Flying Weather! Please take a moment to visit our website at to see how to navigate to the South end of the airport and tie down for the events!

Please bring your own tie down ropes and stakes, as there are no tie down spots on the ramp. Aircraft will be able to park in the grass right along the ramp just North of the event area.

Hope to see you there!

“Getting Found: ELT, PLB and SAR/SAT” Hangar Flying Session

“Getting Found: ELT, PLB and SAR/SAT”

Mike Vivion, US Fish & Wildlife Service-retired

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were so unfortunate as to actually need to USE that Emergency Locator Transmitter mounted in the back of your airplane? But, you live in the upper Midwest, and it’s not like you’re flying over untracked wilderness all the time, right? Mike Vivion flew in Alaska for nearly 30 years, and has spent a number of nights out, as well as having coordinated his own rescue after a crankshaft failure in northern Alaska. After extensive research on the 121.5 vs 406 ELT functionality, he firmly believes it is time to make the switch to a 406 ELT in your airplane. In this presentation, he’ll discuss in detail the advantages and details of the 406 system, why it is so much better than the old 121.5 system, and discuss other devices and tools the smart aviator can carry and use to facilitate his or her own rescue in the event things don’t go quite as planned.

Mike Vivion grew up in Montana, but learned to fly in Hawaii in 1969, and his first checkride experience wasn’t the prettiest. He is a graduate of the University of Montana with a degree in Wildlife Biology. He served as a Wildlife Biologist and Airplane Pilot in Alaska for nearly 30 years, working and flying in many remote parts of Alaska. After his retirement from the Fish and Wildlife Service, he accepted a position at the University of Minnesota-Crookston, teaching and advising in the aviation program there. Mike “re-retired” in 2013, and he and his wife Gina moved to Bozeman, Montana, where they currently reside. Mike has been a flight instructor for over thirty years, and has written for numerous aviation publications. He has been a regular presenter at Montana Aviation Conferences for over ten years. Mike kindly became a founding
Board member of the Minnesota Pilots Association, which he serves as Vice-President. He is now our “out state” board member.