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“Avionics Update” Hangar Flying Session

“Avionics Update”

Kurt Schendel, Modern Avionics

The world of avionics has changed drastically in the last 20 years, with the advent of GPS. The introduction of ADS-B and the mandates that are in the air provide a significant challenge to pilots, aircraft owners and the avionics industry, alike. Kurt will guide us through current issues we face in avionics and will provide an informative and interesting perspective.

Kurt Schendel is the president and owner of Modern Avionics & Maintenance Services, located at the Flying Cloud Airport. He previously has worked for King Radio Corporation as a flight control engineering technician, Elliot Flying Service as an installation and bench technician, and was the avionics manager for Modern Avionics prior to his purchasing of the company in 2000. Kurt hosts a series of FAAST presentations at his facility.

“Doolittle Raider Doc: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, the Rest of the Story” Hangar Flying Session

“Doolittle Raider Doc: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, the Rest of the Story”

David Schall, MD, Great Lakes Region FAA Flight Surgeon

The story is about the Flight Surgeon who flew on the Doolittle Raid (Dr. Thomas R. White). Dr. White o aided the seriously injured crew from Ted Lawson’s plane (Ruptured Duck) (Doc did an amputation in the field under spinal with 1890’s surgical equipment) and evacuated them over 15,000 miles back to Walter Reed Army Hospital. Dr. Schall will also weave in the story of 2 other individuals, one being a Flight Surgeon classmate of Doc White who became the first Flight Surgeon killed in combat at Pearl Harbor (Dr. William R. Schick, a Surgeon from Chicago). Lastly, Dr. Schall will close with the story about Jake DeShazer who was one of the captured crews who spent 4 yrs in solitary confinement and later became a missionary in Japan for 16 years. The rest of DeShazer’s story, how he met and impacted the life of the lead Japanese pilot on the raid on Pearl Harbor, is incredible.

David Schall, MD, is the Regional Flight Surgeon for the FAA Great Lakes Regional Office. His office provides service to an 8 state region from the Dakota’s to Ohio, covering 85,000 Airmen, 4000 Air Traffic Controllers and 500 Aviation Medical Examiners. He is Board certified in Aerospace Medicine as well as Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, and has additional Fellowship training in Ear & Skull Base Surgery (Otology-Neurotology), one of only two Aerospace Neurotologist in the world. Dr. Schall serves as a Consultant to the Federal Air Surgeon in Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery. He is a retired Air Force Colonel having served a 37 yr career in Active, Guard & Reserve capacity. As a Chief Flight Surgeon, he has flown in over 42 different military aircraft types from the F-4 Phantom, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon, to Blackhawk Helicopters and Cobra Gunships, accumulating over 1,700 hrs. He has been a private pilot since 1978. His interests are Spatial Disorientation and acceleration induced injuries to the Cervical Spine. Dr. Schall is in the midst of writing what promises to be a terrific book about a doctor who was one of Doolittle Raiders.

“Tower Operations: Facts and Fiction” Hangar Flying Session

“Tower Operations: Facts and Fiction”

Neil Otey, KANE Tower

Flying into Class D airspace can be an intimidating enterprise, full of mystery and perceived problems. Neil Otey, a controller in the tower at the Anoka County-Blaine airport, is not only an exceptional controller, he is a pilot who truly understands the fear and trepidation that many face when thinking about flying into a tower-controlled airspace. He will dispel some myths and provide a lively, interactive experience for those who attend his session.

Neil Otey has been an Air Traffic Controller at the Anoka County Airport for the past 11 years. Prior to this, he was a controller in the Minneapolis (MSP) tower/tracon for 19 years. Neil also has worked at the Crystal (MIC) tower, Minneapolis FSS, LaCrosse FSS, and with MSP Center. Neil holds a Commercial Pilot certificate with single/multi engine, seaplane, and instrument ratings; and is a Certified Flight Instructor. When the weather cooperates, you may see Neil flying from the Lake Elmo Airport to his job at the Anoka County Tower. While flying, we would expect his radio procedures to be perfect. Neil is an avid mountain biker and has been known to cut a mean rug on the dance floor.

“Understanding Light Sport Aircraft” Hangar Flying Session

“Understanding Light Sport Aircraft”

John Melchert, Omnav Aviation

The advent of light sport aviation has been a very important avenue that is chosen by many pilots, and for a number of reasons. John will highlight and discuss some of the unique aspects of light sport aviation, including airframe and powerplant and safe operation of the light sport aircraft. For many of us, light sport aviation has been a wonderful way for us to keep flying when we choose to step back from private pilot operations.

John Melchert was born and raised in Minnesota and has always had a passion for airplanes and aviation. He built and flew radio control models as a child and continues this hobby today. John has been flying full-scale planes since beginning flight lessons at the age of 15 at Crystal Airport’s Crystal Shamrock. Today he flies Cessna 172s, 182s, and 210s as an instrument rated private pilot with the Twin City Cloud 7 flying club located at Flying Cloud airport. John worked most of his adult life as a software engineer, retiring recently from his role as an owner and vice president of his firm. Over the years however John has built and helped others build experimental amateur built aircraft, including Pulsars and an RV-10. John is an FAA certified Light Sport Aircraft Repairman with a Maintenance Rating (LSRM) and currently works with owners of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA’s) helping them with repair, maintenance and condition inspections.

“The Ultimate Off Road Adventure: Flying Seaplanes” Hangar Flying Session

The Ultimate Off Road Adventure: Flying Seaplanes”

Steve McCaughy, Seaplane Pilots Association

This presentation by the President of the Seaplane Pilots Association will highlight the great variety of experiences that seaplane operations offer to the seaplane pilot. Steve will emphasize seaplane safety and some of the challenges that face a seaplane pilot.

Steve McCaughey has been the Executive Director of the Seaplane Pilots Association since 2011, and comes from a highly diverse background in aviation. Known for his unquenchable thirst for everything related to flying – his aviation adventures and experiences have taken him from Alaska to Australia; and everywhere in between. He served with the US Air Force Special Operations Command working the amazing AC-130 Gunship, and has spent the majority of his flying time in “Strangebirds” meaning tailwheel, seaplanes, aerobatic aircraft, warbirds and the like. Since arriving at the Seaplane Pilots Association he has been instrumental in creating a Seaplane Rating Scholarship program, working with organizations such as RAF and AOPA to save seaplane access in the state of New Mexico, and has created an app that is free to all SPA members listing seaplane landing areas, flight schools and destinations.

“Experimental Aircraft Association Update” Hangar Flying Session

“Experimental Aircraft Association Update”

Rick Larsen, Experimental Aircraft Association

The Experimental Aircraft Association is no stranger to Minnesotans! Rick Larsen, Vice President of Communities and Member Programs, will brief attendees on what is new at the EAA, with a preview of events to be held at AirVenture 2015 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Rick will emphasize strategies to promote EAA chapter activities and the EAA’s Young Eagle program.

Rick Larsen has been part of the senior management team at EAA since 2004. He served as EAA’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications until July of 2014 and was responsible for brand management, membership marketing, public relations, research, creative services and marketing support. Larsen now serves as the organization’s Vice President of Communities and Member Programs, responsible for chapters, special interest communities, publications, affinity benefits, youth and adult programming including Young Eagles and Eagle Flights and the EAA Museum. He also plays a leadership role in the development of features and attractions for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Larsen graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Studies. The following year, Larsen achieved his Masters of Business Administration in Aviation. Prior to joining EAA, Larsen spent 13 years with ATA Airlines, Inc. as Vice President of Marketing, supporting the transformation of the airline from a niche charter carrier into a schedule service-focused airline with hubs in Chicago and Indianapolis. Before joining ATA, he spent more than 10 years with Midway Airlines in Chicago in various maintenance and marketing roles. In the past, Larsen served as President for the Board of the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund as well as the President’s Advisory Board and the Alumni Council for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He currently is a board member on the Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau. Larsen is an avid sport pilot and resides in Appleton with his wife. They have two grown daughters.

“Flying the Wing: Understanding Angle of Attack” Hangar Flying Session

“Flying the Wing: Understanding Angle of Attack”

Mark Korin, Alpha Systems AOA

Exceeding the wings critical angle of attack can lead to loss of control. Learn how to manage your wing’s energy and safely maintain lift when flying in the pattern. Learn to incorporate continuous angle of attack awareness in your flying to safely maintain positive control of your aircraft in all flight regimes.

Mark Korin is the CEO of DepotStar an engineering company which also is the manufacturer of Alpha Systems AOA. Over the last 18 years, improving and designing the best AOA system for GA. He is a VFR pilot, inventor and is the Mayor for the City of Oak Grove, Minnesota and very active in the local, state and national politics.

“It’s Not Just About the Journey- New Amazing Aviation Destinations for Every Pilot” Hangar Flying Session

“It’s Not Just About the Journey- New Amazing Aviation Destinations for Every Pilot”

Steve Johnson, Recreational Aviation Foundation

The Recreational Aviation Foundation has been successful in keeping the legacy of recreational aviation strong by preserving, maintaining and creating public use recreational and backcountry airstrips nationwide. Steve, a board member for the RAF, will provide unique insights into the world of aviation that the RAF protects and promotes.
Steve Johnson is a technology manager for a large commercial printing company in Kansas City. He started taking flight lessons in 1997 in order to overcome his fear of flying on commercial airliners. A rocky start, including an airplane accident as a low-time pilot, fueled his determination to learn all he could about flying. Now he is a 4,500 hour pilot, a Gold Seal flight instructor, and is a dedicated advocate of aviation and aviation safety. In 2000, Steve bought his first Super Cub. He started, a website for Super Cub and backcountry aviation enthusiasts. Steve is a board member of the Recreational Aviation Foundation.

“Flying Clubs: Flying Made Affordable” Hangar Flying Session

“Flying Clubs: Flying Made Affordable”

Jack Shelton, North Star Flying Club
Steve Jambor, Flywell Flying Club

Flying clubs are a terrific way to be involved in aviation. Jack and Steve, both in flying clubs that are on the KANE airport, will provide a lively discussion of what makes being a member of a flying club such a good option for those who find it financially challenging to buy an aircraft but who want to fly an aircraft that is not simply a “rental” situation. Pros and cons of flying clubs will be discussed by these two knowledgeable pilots who serve on the board of directors for their respective clubs.

Jack Shelton has been a pilot for 30 years and an instructor for 20. He owns a large flying club at Anoka County Airport and is in private medical practice in the Twin Cities. Jack flies a Baron and a Skylane around the country both for personal and professional causes. Much of the basis of this presentation comes from Jack’s experience as a flight surgeon in U.S. Air Force fighter units as well as his role in human factors analysis on military accident investigation boards.

Steve Jambor took his first flight lesson at the age of 14 but was unable to complete his flight training due to financial limitations. He never lost his love of flying though and in 2007, 20 years after his first lesson, he realized his dream of becoming a pilot. He trained at the Anoka County Blaine airport where he completed his primary and instrument ratings. In July of 2012 he added his seaplane rating. After renting from the local flight school for several years, he started shopping around for flying clubs to make flying more affordable. He joined Flywell Flying Club in June of 2013 and now serves on the board of directors. He flies a Piper Archer and a Cessna 172. Steve and his wife Barb fly as often as possible and enjoy introducing kids to flying.

“Minnesota’s Aviation System” Hangar Flying Session

“Minnesota’s Aviation System”

Cassandra Isackson, MNDOT Aeronautics

We are fortunate to have Cassandra, director of the MNDOT Aeronautics, share her perspectives of the aviation systems we enjoy in Minnesota. She will be able to describe how the system works and will answer many questions that pertain to airports and aviation systems in the State.
Cassandra Isackson is the director of aeronautics for the Minnesota department of transportation. Prior to working in Aeronautics, Isackson served in various roles in MnDOT including highway safety, traffic engineering, and materials. She began her career working for the Alabama Department of Transportation and received her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama. She is a registered professional engineer in the state of Minnesota.