Board of Directors
Randle S. Corfman, President

Randy Corfman

Randy Corfman incorporates his love of aviation with his medical practice, flying to many locations in the Upper Midwest
to provide consultations and medical care, including MN, ND, SD, WI, MI, MT and Alaska. While his practice is primarily
involved with helping couples with reproductive problems conceive, he also serves as an Aviation Medical Examiner
(AME) in Minnesota. His special interest and training in wilderness and survival medicine, as well as aviation medicine
and approaches to keep pilots healthy and flying, places him as a frequent speaker at a variety of aviation conferences
and venues. Dr. Corfman hails from a farm in Kansas, near Wichita, where he watched airplanes flying overhead for
as long as he can remember. His home base is KANE in the Twin Cities, from whence he flies a Cessna T210 for his
medical practice and a super cub for “real flying”. Dr. Corfman is a member of Supercub.org, where he hosts a forum
called “Medical Matters”, dealing with common medical problems facing aviators. He is a 4500 hour multi-engine commercial,
instrument rated pilot, with single engine land seaplane and land ratings.
Randy Schoephoerster, Vice President

Randy is a tremendous asset to aviation in Minnesota.  He is the father of three great young adults, all of whom are very important to him.  He is an ATP MEL, ATP SEL, ATP SES, CFI, CFII, MEI and a Gold Seal Instructor.  He just completed terms as President of the Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association, where he helped positively transform that organization.  He is a FAASTeam Lead Representative and Field Director for the National Seaplane Pilots Association.  He has over 10,000 hours flight time and over 2,000 hours seaplane time.  Randy is owner of Air Trek North Flight School and Maintenance with Minnesota locations at KLVN, KFCM and KSGS.  His formal education includes a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing.  He has served as marketing director and engineering director for Emerson Electric, Inc.  He has served as a City Commissioner and was Vice President of the Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association,before becoming President.
Mary Alverson, Secretary

Mary Alverson

Mary Alverson is a native Minnesotan, born in Duluth Minnesota. She is truly an adventurer, travelling around the world both personally and professionally, serving as a flight attendant for North Central Airlines, Northwest Airlines and DeltaAirlines for 38 years. Mary has gone on to distinguish herself flying professionally as a flight instructor and Captainfor New Mexico Airlines. She has earned her CFI, CFII, MEI ratings along with a single and multiengine sea class
ratings. Mary is the owner/operator of Wings Over Water Seaplane Training.

  • FAA Designated Examiner
  • FAA FAAST Representative
  • Field Director, Seaplane Pilots Association
  • President, Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association 2009-2012
James Peterson, Treasurer

Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson, owner of Aware Financial, flies himself throughout the Upper Midwest providing rural clients with business
continuation and estate planning advice. He is an attorney and inactive CPA who specializes in both income and estate
taxation. Jim has a deep technical, but practical, background in dealing with family and closely held businesses,
particularly the family dynamics and estate planning implications surrounding a successful ownership transition.
His planning recommendations are implemented through his clients’ local accountants and attorneys. After several
childhood attempts at flying contraptions he designed and/or built himself, usually requiring physical or emotional
rehabilitation, he began flying certified airplanes in 1977. Jim is currently a pilot and board member with Wings
of Mercy, Minnesota. He is an instrument rated private pilot flying his Diamond DA40 out of KANE.
Michael Vivion

Mike Vivian

Mike soloed in 1969 and completed the requirements for his private pilot certificate in December of that year. After
being released from the military, Mike returned to the University of Montana, completing a degree in Wildlife Biology.
He subsequently worked for the US Fish & Wildlife Service as a Wildlife Biologist and Wildlife Biologist/Airplane
pilot for 31 years. Twenty nine of those years were spent in Alaska, where he worked airplanes on wheels, floats
and skis in many regions of Alaska in support of wildlife research and law enforcement operations. In December of
2005, he retired from FWS and accepted a job at the University of Minnesota, Crookston, teaching in the Aviation
programs there. In May of 2013, he retired (again) from the U of M system. Mike’s wife of 19 years is Gina Carolan
and the couple resides in Crookston with a 12 year old yellow lab named Bailey. Mike has owned the same Cessna 170
B for 18 years, and the airplane is hangared in Crookston.
Gregg Strathy

Gregg Strathy inherited his love of aviation from his father who, as a kid in the 1930’s, painted an arrow on the roof
of his home, directing pilots to the Minneapolis airport. Logging his first flight in the family Citabria at age fifteen
with his Dad as CFI, Gregg learned aerobatics as a teenager. Now with ratings including ATP, CFII, SES and sailplane,
Gregg is committed to the growth of aviation in all aspects. His family involvement in aviation includes his instrument
rated wife, Jan, and ATP rated son Bryan who flies with a regional airline based in Anchorage, Alaska.

Mike Wiskus

Mike Wiskus

Like many pilots, Mike’s interest in flying came as a very young boy. While standing in his Grandpa’s yard on the farm, he
saw a sailplane fly very low and slow over the house, and land in their farm field. Mike ran and got his Grandpa
and they drove out to meet the Pilot. Standing next to the plane with the Canopy open, the Pilot lifted Mike and
set him in the cockpit seat and closed the canopy. With the smell of sun tan lotion, the grip of the flight controls
and the sight of two beautiful white wings stretching out from his shoulders, Mike’s imagination soared thousands
of feet above their farm field that day, and it changed his life forever. At 14, Mike’s parents let him ride his
bike to the airport for two weeks straight, to beg the owner for a job washing airplanes and cleaning hangars. When
he turned 15, he started traded his work for flying lessons and received his Private Pilot’s License on his 17th
birthday. Forty years later, Michael has accumulated more than 25,000 flight hours and is qualified in more than
30 aircraft. He keeps a busy schedule as the owner of an aircraft maintenance facility as well as managing and flying
for several corporate flight departments in the Twin Cities. He also keeps busy traveling the U.S. and Canada as
a full time airshow Pilot for Lucas Oil. Mike’s career as a Pilot is a testimony of how dreams really can come true.
As a 2002 U.S. National Aerobatic Champion, and a member of the 2004 United States Advanced Aerobatic Team, Mike
has traveled the World sharing with anyone who will listen, his true passion of flying. You see for Mike, flying
isn’t a job or hobby, but a way of life.

Steve Thibault

Steve Thibault began flying at the age of 15. He attended the University of North Dakota, which is where he first began his flight instructing career. After graduating from UND, with aviation and business degrees, Steve returned to the Twin Cities and began instructing at the Anoka County Airport. Since then, Steve has made the training of pilots his profession. During his 37 years of flying and his 32 years of flight instructing, Steve has accumulated over 18,000 hours of flight time, provided more than 17,000 hours of flight instruction in airplanes and 2,000 hours of instruction in flight simulators, has given an unknown number of hours of ground instruction, and has flown over 100 different types of airplanes. Steve is the owner of FlightProficiency, a flight training company and co-owner of Sim Flite Minnesota, a simulator company located at the Anoka County Airport. In 2015, the FAA named Steve the “CFI of the Year” for the Great Lakes Region.

Jim Younggren

Jim Younggren

Jim Younggren is from Hallock, Minnesota. Jim’s love of flying began at an early age. He received his first airplane
ride at 8 years of age in a J-5 Cub and was hooked! He began working for a large aerial applicator as a senior in
high school and then when on to receive flight training and an A&P certificate. He received his Private Pilot
certificate in 1971, also holding an instrument rating. Careers have a way of changing directions and he spent the
next 35 years farming small grains and sugar beets in the Red River Valley. He and his wife, Betsy (a Kittson County
Commissioner), live on the family farm, purchased in 1975. Aviation has always been real passion of Jim’s. He owns
and flies a PA-20 Pacer, a PA-18 Super Cub and a C-182. He is proud to say that he flew the PA-20 to Barrow, AK in
2013! He spends his winters flying the PA-18, on skis, to Lake of the Woods to enjoy ice fishing. An Oshkosh regular,
Jim flies in and camps under the wing for the past 13 years. Jim has served on numerous Boards, including local Ag
Coops, Kittson County Soil & Water and the Red River Valley Sugar Beet Growers Assn. He currently serves on the
KHCO Airport Commission. He considers it to be a privilege and an honor to serve as on the Board of Directors of
the Minnesota Pilots Association.