Meet and Greet Added to 2019 GMAG!

We are kicking off a “Meet and Greet” as a way of bringing together our Exhibitors and aviators who attend our 2019 GMAG.  The Meet and Greet will follow the last Hangar Flying Session and be held from 4:15 to 5:00 pm.  We hope you will be able to visit with the fine exhibitors who have spent a long day in the exhibit hangars, and share beverages with them, letting them know how much we appreciate their support of aviation in Minnesota!

Smokin’ Bonz’ BBQ will be available for exceptional BBQ cuisine immediately following the Meet and Greet, and this will be followed by none other than the live music of the Sawtooth Brothers bluegrass band.  Rain, Snow or Shine, we will have a hangar available to enjoy fine, lonesome bluegrass music and who knows, there may be a bonfire to share while we tell hangar flying lies and tales!

Can’t afford a hotel room for that night?  Fear not!  We have arranged for a hangar to be used as the Minnesota Pilots Sleeping Quarters, so bring your cot, your folding chair and your sleeping bag to spend Friday night…and be awoken by the roar of aircraft engines Saturday morning!

We are excited about the possibilities we enjoy at the Buffalo Municipal Airport.  Stay tuned here, and check out our Facebook/mnpilots page for details.  Remember…current members of the MN Pilots Assn gain free admission to both days of the GMAG!

Click on the GMAG button at the top of this page for updates for housing, fly in instructions and parking instructions.  It is going to be a terrific event!