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It was such welcome news yesterday…reform of medical certification has been passed by the Senate and the House and is on it’s way to the President to sign! We are so thankful for the untiring efforts of Mark Baker and AOPA in getting this important legislation passed. Here is a link to the announcement from AOPA:

There will be many details to work out, folks, but I can tell you that your efforts in supporting AOPA and in contacting your Representatives and Senators paid off. Thank you.

The Minnesota Pilots Association thanks you for your letter writing and for your support. Your support of the Minnesota Pilots Association and your actions have helped make this important event happen.

We had a wonderful time at the 2016 Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering, and thank you to all who attended YOUR GMAG! We had a bit over 900 walk through the doors of the event, and the feedback has been very positive. Our thanks goes out to all the speakers at our Hangar Flying sessions and to all who worked hard to make this a valuable and successful event. We thank our sponsors for providing funds which made the GMAG possible, and to the exhibitors who provided much information to those who spent time in the exhibit area.

It was particularly gratifying to see so many pilots milling around the Golden Wings Flying Museum, randomly visiting with other pilots, getting to know officials from a number of governmental organizations, speaking with the many vendors who exhibited at the GMAG. We are finding that the Gathering is achieving one of our missions, that of providing a social aviation event in our state. How nice it was to see people visiting with friends from other parts of the state that they hadn’t seen for some time.

We also want to give praise to Cheryl Daml, CFI, CFII, for the wonderful job she did with her Pinch Hitter course at the GMAG. She had excellent attendance and the feedback was quite positive. Similarly, Steve Thibault, CFI, CFII, gave a wonderful AOPA Rusty Pilot session at the GMAG and it, too, drew rave reviews from attendees.

Overall, it was a terrific event. We are blessed with many outstanding speakers and contributors to our GMAG, eliminating the need to pay big bucks to bring in speakers from outside the state. This translates into considerable cost savings for us, and serves as a point of pride that we have it all in Minnesota!

Thanks, again, for your membership in the Minnesota Pilots Association, and for your support of the 2016 GMAG!

Head on out to the GMAG! The weather is looking great for the next two days…the soil drains nicely and it should be no problem for parking if you decide to fly in. We have an awesome Gathering for you, so please fly or drive in to enjoy Minnesota Aviation at its best!

Please check out our GMAG page on this website for taxiing and parking directions.
Aircraft parking

This word just in from AOPA…

The Senate has passed FAA reauthorization legislation, including third class medical reform, on a 95-to-3 vote with strong bipartisan support. The measure would authorize FAA programs until Sept. 30, 2017. Final passage on April 19 followed a procedural vote the previous day.

“This is a solid bill for general aviation,” said AOPA President Mark Baker. “The third class medical reform language goes far beyond the AOPA-EAA 2012 petition and means that hundreds of thousands of pilots will never need another FAA medical exam. Getting these reforms is vital to the entire general aviation community. Add to that the fact that there are no user fees for general aviation in this bill and there are provisions to continue research into unleaded fuels and increase grants for improvements to GA airports, and it’s all good news for GA.”

We salute Mark Baker and AOPA for their hard work in getting this important legislation passed. We will have more details revealed at the Great MN Aviation Gathering when Mark addresses attendees on Saturday afternoon. Thanks, Mark and AOPA!

Please take a look at our website and check out the schedule of events for the Great MN Aviation Gatheing! We have put together a terrific program that will have you wanting to be there for both days of the GMAG. Seriously.

Driving in to the GMAG? Check out the reduced hotel rates we have arranged with local hotels.

Flying in? You can taxi right up close to the GMAG and park in the designated parking area…but BRING YOUR OWN TIEDOWNS! Instructions are posted on the website, and updates will be posted as the event approaches.

Please also take a look at our page. We are frequently updating that page with new information and announcements that will be of interest to you.

Remember, with a paid-up membership you gain free admission to the GMAG! What a great deal!

By the way, the GMAG would not be happening without your membership and without your support. This event is yours and we hope to see you there.

Great News from AOPA!

The Senate has unfurled it’s own version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill! The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2016 (S. 2658) was introduced March 9 and would authorize FAA funding for approximately 18 months through September 2017. The bill contains third class medical reform language that passed the Senate in December but does not include user fees for general aviation, instead relying on the current system of excise taxes on fuel. In addition, the legislation would authorize annual increases in Airport Improvement Program funding, streamline certification for light GA aircraft, support a transition to unleaded aviation fuel, and make it easier to install modern safety equipment in legacy aircraft.
Please refer to…/Senate-unveils-FAA-reauthorization-pl… for more details.
Thank you to all MN Pilots Assn members who have done due diligence and contacted your Senators and Representatives. For the record, we STILL DO NOT HAVE THE SUPPORT OF SENATORS KLOBUCHAR AND FRANKEN. Please contact them and urge their support.

It looks like we have another fight on our hands, folks. House bill H.R.4441, the FAA Reauthorization Bill, would privatize our Air Traffic Control system and, as if that’s not enough, it would be funded by user fees. This is not the first time this concept has come up in Congress, but we are faced with contacting our Representatives to urge them to vote against this bill. For details, please visit AOPA’s site (…/AOPA-opposes-user-fees-as-reauthoriza…) for more information. This bill will be coming for a House vote next week, the week of February 20. Please contact your Representative to urge defeat of this bill. We stand firmly in opposition to this bill.

Sarah Dickerson has done it again! What a beautiful flyer announcing the 2016 GMAG! Thanks, Sarah! It looks great. We look forward to seeing you at on Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, 2016!
2016 MNPA handout_flyer

Please take a moment before Friday to help the leadership of AOPA to get the PBR2 through the House. I received this message from Jim Coon, from AOPA, this evening, asking that we urgently call the office of Rep. Bill Shuster, Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, with the suggested message listed below:

This is the main number for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee of which Shuster is the Chairman: 202-225-9446

“I’m calling today to urge Chairman Shuster to help pass the Pilots Bill of Rights 2 before Congress adjourns on Friday. This bill has already passed the Senate by unanimous consent. The bill has 152 bipartisan cosponsors in the House including every Republican on the T&I Committee! General Aviation needs this bill! Thank you.”

Many thanks for any help you might be willing to offer. The phone call won’t take long.

I am so pleased to let you know that the Pilots Bill of Rights 2 passed the Senate tonight, and is on to the House of Representatives! Please take a look at the announcement from AOPA for details:

I can tell you that the leadership of the MN Pilots Association, thanks to your support, has worked hard to support this legislation and we are so thankful to Mark Baker and the leadership of AOPA for their tireless work in getting this passed through the Senate. We are very frustrated that neither of our Senators were helpful in supporting the S.571, but there were many Senators who were supportive from other States! Please contact your Representatives and urge them to support the companion bill.

This is such an important moment for aviation in our Country, and in Minnesota. Stay tuned for further developments, and if you haven’t joined or supported AOPA and the MN Pilots Association, please take a moment to do so! Thank you!