2019 GMAG Flyer

Congratulations to Gary Black, long time member of the MN Pilots Assn and fervent supporter of general aviation, for selection of a photo he submitted for consideration for use as the backdrop for the 2019 GMAG!  Many thanks to all the great photos that were submitted!  Selection of the photo is based upon not only the beauty of the photograph, but also the photo needs to lend itself for placement of text.  We are also aware of the fact that Cirrus Aircraft Corporation has been a solid supporter of the MN Pilots Assn, and the GMAGs, from our very humble beginnings!  Thanks, Gary, and congratulations!

We will be providing a link for downloading the flyer on our website and Facebook page and ask that you please print it out and post at your local aviation hangout/hangar.  We look forward to seeing you there!